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What Are You Really Feeding Your Dog?

March 17, 2016 1

The mysterious world of dog food

Admittedly, I don’t know much about dog food. I know generally what to avoid, but I trust the people working at the pet store I visit to recommend food that they know to be good for my dogs.

That trust is important, because it can be hard to tell at a glance what food is good for your dog. Many brands claim to be all-natural, or premium and by reading the label alone, you might not know exactly what you’re getting for your four-legged amigo.

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A 2015 study found that out of the 2,223 dog food formulas investigated, just 134 actually passed their standards. With a 94% failure rate, those aren’t great odds you’ll find something healthy for your dog by chance.


Which brands won?

The study included experts in the dog food industry such as veterinarians, dog trainers, animal behaviourists, university researchers and authors. Together, this team invested more than 1,400 hours into gathering their results. At the end, these ten brands were the winners:

  1. Orijen
  2. ACANA
  3. Eagle Pack
  4. Fromm
  5. Nature’s Logic
  6. Stella & Chewy’s
  7. Wysong
  8. Pinnacle
  9. Primal
  10. Hi-Tek Naturals


Ingredients to look for and avoid

Here’s a quick list of ingredients you should look for in your dog’s food and also a list of things to avoid:

image from Reviews.com

Why is good dog food important?

As with humans, healthy food means a healthy life. If you’re feeding your dog bad food, it will definitely have a ripple effect on their health. Dogs need the right combination of protein, fat, moisture, fibre and nutrients  in order to avoid a long list of health problems (both physical and mental).

image from aussiepm.com.au

image from aussiepm.com.au

Issues like obesity are just as much of a problem for dogs as for people. Many poor grain-based ingredients in dog food can be to blame. Many dogs are sensitive to wheat and corn which are both popular fillers in dog food.

In the end, feeding your dog good food is as important for their health as exercise and love. Buying a good quality food is one way to ensure your best friend has many years of couch snuggling and squirrel chasing ahead of them.

You can read the full dog food study on Reviews.com.


What kind of food do you feed your dog? Will you be changing brands after reading this article? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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