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Grand River All Breed Animal Rescue

February 2, 2016 3

Helping animals

As you’ll see on the Our Story page of our website, the mission of TuxedoMutt is tri-fold:

  1. We want to provide a reliable service that dog owners can count on
  2. We want to create seriously good paying jobs
  3. We want to help animals

We’re very excited to announce that 10% of TuxedoMutt profits will go directly to the Grand River All Breed Animal Rescue (GRAB).

Grand River All Breed Animal Rescue Logo

image from grandriverallbreedrescue.ca

I adopted my dog Casey from GRAB a few years ago and she’s been a wonderful addition to my home. Not only is she my dog Dakota’s best friend, she’s also stolen a big piece of my heart.

Before Casey came to me, she had a pretty hard life. Because of the care in the foster home that Casey lived in through GRAB, she is a such a wonderful and loving dog now. You’d have no idea of her past life. She’s the most affectionate and caring dog I’ve ever met. I’m so glad I made the decision to adopt her.

Casey digging in the garden

Who was digging in the garden?

In case you haven’t heard of the Grand River All Breed Animal Rescue before, they do not operate a shelter, instead GRAB is a network of foster homes. Animals live in a home environment before they are adopted to their forever homes.

To learn more about Grand River All Breed Animal Rescue, visit their website or connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.

If you’d like to make a donation, you can do so directly on their website. They’ve also got a Wish List of items you can donate which helps them to care for the animals in their foster homes.


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Greg Lehman
Founder @ TuxedoMutt
Greg Lehman is a hippie in a business suit. He's also a positive based dog trainer and freelance writer. When he's not working, you'll find him somewhere in nature with his two dogs Casey and Dakota or taking a nap. Who doesn't love naps?

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