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Dog Business Spotlight: Jess Croezen at Impressive Canines

March 15, 2016 3

How I know Jess

Jess and I met a long time ago. I had finished obedience classes with my dog Dakota and I was searching for something else to do in the training world. The trainer I was working with at the time suggested trying Jess’ agility class.

I called Jess, checked out her school and signed up right away. Dakota and I did two levels of agility with Jess (both first place finishes, I might add) and we went on to try out rally obedience and a few other fun courses Jess offers at her school.


Who is Jess?

Jess has worked with animals her entire life. From horses to dogs she’s got a lot of experience working with members of the animal kingdom. She started training dogs as a teenager, opened her business Impressive Canines in 2007, and earned her professional designation as a positive based dog trainer and behaviour therapist in 2008.

Fear and rehabilitation work are what Jess would consider to be her greatest source of pride. I’ve personally witnessed Jess bring a dog from a fearful state where it was biting its owner, to the owner being able to hold the dog and teach it obedience! It was a lot of patience and hard work by Jess and the owner, but over several weeks, a brand new dog emerged.

Sierra Rally Obedience Impressive Canines

Jess’ Mutts

Three dogs are lucky to share their lives with Jess: Toby, Sierra and Annie.

Toby is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Beagle cross born August 2007. Toby loves to come to school with Jess and has done a lot of work to rehabilitate fearful dogs. His patience and loyalty to Jess makes him an excellent training partner and demo dog. He does it all: from obedience, to agility to scent detection. Toby also has 4 RallyO Titles and loves going to dog shows with Jess and is famous for his smile and non stop wagging tail.

Next up is Sierra. She’s a Miniature Australian Shepherd that was born in January 2010. Sierra is the skateboarding member of the family who loves agility! She has a high work drive and loves being in the agility ring and is planning on competing in 2016.

Finally Annie, the most recent addition to the Croezen pack, is a Daschund crossed with Corgi rescue from Tennessee. Annie’s sweet and calm demeanor makes her a favourite of Jess’ students. She’s happy to play with the other dogs and couldn’t be happier with the other members of her dog pack (Toby & Sierra). Annie’s favourite activity is being a couch potato if she is not working on Scent Detection or having fun in the Agility ring.


Dog jumping through hoop agility trainingWhy I use Jess

I’ve seen quite a few trainers and Jess has always stood out to me as one of the best. She really knows what she’s talking about and takes the time to teach not just preach. She’s very patient and often stays after class to work with an owner who needs extra help to get a technique or lesson down.

I’ve worked with Jess through several of her courses and she helped to train Dakota and I in our first Rally Obedience competition. (Dakota earned a few first place ribbons that day and I was so proud of her!).


TuxedoMutt Photo Contest

Not only is Jess an excellent trainer, she also loves dogs. She’s kindly donated a $100 voucher to be used towards any of her classes, or towards a private training session as a prize in the TuxedoMutt Photo Contest. The winner of Jess’ prize will be chosen at random from all entries regardless of their finish in the voting polls. Be sure to enter here and good luck!

For more information about Jess, take a look at her website, send her an email or give her a call. She’s more than happy to help and answer any dog training questions you might have.

Jess Main Pic

Impressive Canines

3310 King Street East Unit #1
Kitchener, ON N2A1B3



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