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Level One


 My goal as a positive reinforcement trainer is to give you all of the tools you need to develop a happy, confident and well-socialized dog that you can take with you anywhere.

Dog training should be both fun and rewarding for everyone involved. Training provides mental stimulation for your dog while developing a deeper bond and better communication skills.

Always remember the golden rule: don’t punish, teach!

Puppy Training

Five 60Min Weekly In-Home Private Training Sessions

$400 +HST*

* depending on distance, additional mileage charges may apply


Course Details

  • Look at You When They Hear Their Name

  • ”Watch Me” (Focus)

  • Leave It

  • Drop It

  • Food Bowl Exercises

  • Sit, Down, Stand (Both Verbal and Hand Cues)

  • Recalls (Two Kinds)

    • Come - Emergency Recall

    • Here - Run to Me and Stop Nearby

  • Boundary Training — “Don’t Cross this Line Until Invited”

  • Crate/Kennel Training

  • Stays (Two Kinds)

    • 90 Seconds at 6 Foot Distance

    • Walk Full Circle Around the Dog

  • Loose Leash Walking/Heeling

    • Left/Right Turns by Command

    • Speed Changes — Slow and Quick

    • Sit Automatically When Stopped

  • Potty Training Routine

  • Tips for Success

The great part of private in-home lessons are the customizations to the course and the time we have to focus on your puppy. I want to make sure you have fun and learn how to make your life with your new dog a success. You both deserve happiness together.

Hank Puppy Training

Training with Greg was fun, informative and effective. We finished a course at another school prior to contacting Greg. We’d never do group lessons again. We learned more in week one with Greg than in the entire course at the other school! Hank learned so much and Greg was very patient teaching our whole family how to work with our new puppy.

—Olivia M., Kitchener, ON

Let’s Build a Plan for Success!